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Chester County Bankruptcy Lawyer

I help individuals and families in Chester County, PA file for personal bankruptcy.  Financial problems can impact your health, family, job, and life.  Filing for bankruptcy is a way to get a new, fresh start on life and there is a good likelihood that you will be able to keep your home, cars, bank accounts and personal property.  Bankruptcy is a second chance to get a fresh start free from harassment and threats from creditors.  Your debt does not have to be a life sentence.  I offer free consultations and payment plans.

Having a Chester County bankruptcy lawyer on your side will enable you to file for bankruptcy in the quickest way possible.  I take pride in helping people get rid of their debt through bankruptcy.  Whether you are a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will determine the best possible path for you.  We will discuss the different types of bankruptcy options available to you.  I enjoy helping people out of financial difficulty and I take great personal satisfaction from finding solutions for people who are facing the stress and anxiety of not being able to pay their bills.

Chester County, PA has experienced the tough times this economy has created.  At this point, you probably have a lot of questions.  Call me for a free consultation to find out if bankruptcy is the right path for you.  Before things get worse, call me to see what can be done for you.

Experience Matters Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

My 20 years experience as a bankruptcy attorney in Pennsylvania has been very rewarding.  I receive a lot of referrals from clients and it is the highest compliment.  I have discharged millions of dollars in debt and saved thousands of homes.  Most importantly, I have experience to make sure you are making the right decision and your bankruptcy if filed properly.  Bankruptcy is a technical and complicated area of the law and you must be very careful how you file a petition.  Small mistakes can become very big problems and it is important to trust your Chester County bankruptcy attorney.

You will review the petition with me and we will go over each section.  I will discuss the bankruptcy process and we will make sure every question is answered.  You will see that, through the complicated forms and calculations, that an experienced attorney can simplify and demystify the process.

You may have lawsuits filed against you, a foreclosure, a sheriff sale, frozen bank accounts, car repossessions, or utility shut-offs.  Your assets may be threatened.  If you see these problems, make sure you get ahead of these issues and contact me for a free consultation.  I will help you make the right decision.

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